An innovative and necessary educational tool in times of crisis

The decree extending the list of categories of health professionals who can perform covid-19 screening tests (PCR and antigenic) to nurses, general practitioners, firefighters, pharmacists, first aiders, pharmacy students, etc., has created an urgent need for their training.

How can one practice a precise gesture without ever having trained for it? Can we take the risk of injuring a patient or falsifying the result of a test because of a poorly performed sample? These are all questions that plague healthcare professionals who are now authorized to perform covid-19 tests.

A word from Mr. Gilles Bonnefont – President of the Union des Syndicats de Pharmaciens d’Officine (USPO) :

The rhino pharyngeal sampling simulator of Bone 3D is very interesting. It allows to discover the anatomy of this complex area. The fact that it can be opened in two parts makes it possible to understand immediately what to do and what mistakes to avoid. It accelerates learning and is effective for trainers. A great teaching tool.

To address their concerns, BONE 3D has developed a 3D printed multi-material nasopharyngeal sampling simulator in collaboration with Dr. Nicolas Sananes, the University of Strasbourg and the Strasbourg University Hospital. The use of 3D printing is slowly spreading in the medical sphere but has already proved its worth in terms of simulation. Indeed, biomimetic materials allow to create a sensory feedback very close to the real one by reproducing the color, the density, the flexibility of a body element. The anatomical knowledge and experience in 3D modeling of the BONE 3D teams has enabled them to develop this pedagogical tool in record time to respond quickly to training needs in times of crisis. Many people deplore the lack of training materials or their lack of precision.

simulateur de prélèvement nasopharyngé multi-matière imprimé en 3D.

This simulator is already a choice alternative for training in nasopharyngeal sampling and is spreading throughout the country. Hospitals, universities, pharmacies, civil protection, fire stations, training institutes, etc… training sessions around this tool are constantly increasing and the feedback is excellent.
The pharmacies, in particular, are connecting with each other to benefit from grouped training. A solidary impulse that will allow more and better testing of the French in the times to come…

Feedback from Christine Caminade – Doctor of Pharmacy President of Unoformation

The nose simulator, named “Edgar” for the occasion, is a “plus” to explain the anatomy of the nose and especially to allow a better understanding of the gesture in order to apprehend it in the best conditions. The participants appreciate being able to practice “blank” and then perform a nasopharyngeal swab in complete safety and with ease, in vivo. Thank you to the Bone 3D team for accompanying us in our training sessions with a high-performance tool that is so close to reality.

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