Training centres and universities: stand out and boost student training with surgical procedural simulators !

Your need

Strengthen students' skills and knowledge base

Learning the right gestures in the best conditions are some of the legitimate expectations of students. Thanks to the 3D printed simulators, your students can practice precise procedures in realistic conditions.

They can perform procedures and care for various pathologies while experiencing a similar feeling to being in the operating room.


Our solution

Our 3d material has been tested by practitioners and scaled for all elements that allow for a faster rise in competence, to validate the acquired knowledge and to stimulate reflection.

Your need

Reduce learner anxiety and apprehension

Performing a medical procedure on a patient for the first time can be very stressful for a student who wants to provide the best quality of care. It is important that they have been able to reassure themselves during their training.

The solution today is to train on cadavers, animals or other substitutes… This is instructive but subject to constraints in terms of the specificity of the pathology, as not everything can be reproduced with these means, and of course availability.



Our solution

With 3d printed simulators training is simpler: less constraints, without restrictions, with an unlimited choice of pathologies

Your need

Adapt your teaching to new methods of surgery

Practices in operating theatres and health care centres are continually being renewed.

Innovations are frequent in health care to help practitioners on a daily basis. Incorprating them as early as possible in the training process is to adapt to the reality of the caregiver.


Our solution

3D printed simulators allow training in a variety of fields of application with an easy evolution of care scenarios.

Frequently asked questions

Why use BONE 3D products in your training courses?
  • Secure your students’ learning and increase their confidence during their interventions
  • Offer a professional educational support to the acquisition of specific technical gestures.
  • Establish your training center as a reference center, offering innovative simulation techniques.
Is it possible to create a custom simulator?

Of course, you can share your ideas with us and opt for customized products based on your specifications or DICOM data.

What is the shipping time for simulators?

Generally our catalog simulators are shipped within 72 hours from receipt of the order validation.

I have a 3D printer, can you help me design parts?

It depends on the equipment you have on site and how you want to use it.

If our experts are trained in the use of this type of technology, we will be happy to help you design the parts that are missing 😀