Caregivers: deliver better care with innovative medical devices and 3D printed surgical simulators

Your need

Plan your surgical interventions on patient-specific models

The preparation of an operation is crucial to its success.

Plan the stages of your surgery in advance to facilitate the evaluation of an anatomy and/or pathology, save time in the preparation and performance of the operation, and also reduce the risk of error.


Our solution

Use tailor-made teaching tools that accurately represent the anatomy of the patient you are going to operate on (based on patient data such as CT scan, MRI).

Your need

Accelerate your medical device development

You are involved in research projects to improve the management of certain diseases and wish to boost the performance of medical devices on the market.


Our solution

Have high quality specific medical devices developed to meet your needs quickly.

Your need

Make your patient an active participant in his or her care

A well-informed patient is a patient who is reassured thanks to a better understanding of the care he or she will receive. They are also better able to follow post-operative and rehabilitation instructions.


Our solution

3D printed models can help the caregiver to explain the different stages of care and for the patient to better understand their disease.

Your need

Train to perform new or complex surgical procedures

Never the first time on the patient is a mantra!

However, it is not always easy to respect it: some pathologies are not frequent and training becomes difficult. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be able to train for this type of intervention


Our solution

We equip you with 3D printed surgical simulators that can reproduce the sensations of the operating theatre with precision and allow realistic training.