Industrials: promote your company and products with custom 3D printed anatomical models !

Your need

Highlight the potential of your products

Nothing beats a real demonstration to highlight the different functionalities and convince your customers that your product corresponds to their precise needs and expectations.

Show your product in a real-life environment, allow future users to project themselves in their use and reinforce the perceived quality thanks to 3D printing.


Our solution

3D print anatomical models with textures, colours and materials adapted to your needs.

Your need

Boost your brand image at events

Innovative devices are highly appreciated by visitors at trade fairs, conferences and other events.

Call on Bone 3d to assist you in the organisation of promotional events and stand out from the crowd thanks to the presence of your 3D product.


Our solution

We design demonstration kits with your company’s image to differentiate you from your competitors.

Your need

Train healthcare professionals on your new products

Encourage practitioners to use your innovative products in their daily practice and increase their added value.


Our solution

Provide  3D anatomical models specific to the medical indication expected during your training sessions.

Frequently asked questions

Can you print metal devices?

We hope to obtain certification for the commercialization of implantable medical devices (certification of the production line and the sterilization method) by the end of 2022.

However, our titanium machine is already available for prototype printing. Contact us at for more information!

Are BONE 3D products printed in France?

Yes, we have two production platforms equipped with state-of-the-art 3D printers: one in Biopark (Paris XIII) and one in Wolfisheim (suburb of Strasbourg).

What are the limits of 3D printing?

Our team of engineers systematically performs a feasibility study beforehand to evaluate each project: we have the ability to tell you if 3D printing is the best solution (compared to machining or other).

We are totally transparent about our ability to meet your expectations.

Can I have an order delivered outside France?

Yes, it is possible to have an order delivered abroad. However, this may have an influence on the delivery time and price.