Since 2018, our mission is to develop the use of additive printing in the medical world.

Advances in 3D printing technologies allow us to provide hospitals with high-quality personalised medicine at a lower cost, for the comfort and safety of doctors and patients. They are also revolutionising the training of surgeons, medical and paramedical specialists, and nursing staff by realistically reproducing healthy or pathological anatomical environments. 

Standard or customised medical devices, procedure simulators and anatomical models, all our products are codeveloped by our bioengineers and medical experts in their field.

Our HospiFactory solution provides healthcare facilities with an integrated offer that includes a 3D printing platform tailored to their structure and a dedicated team of experts to design and print their products locally.


BONE 3D is a SAS created in April 2018. The shareholders form the Board of Shareholders, which appoints a Strategic Committee from among its members.

The implementation of the Strategic Plan and the operational follow-up are carried out by the Management Committee, composed of the managers of the different departments of BONE 3D and chaired by Jérémy Adam, President and founder of BONE 3D.

Jérémy Adam, founder and president of BONE 3D

Board of Shareholders

The members whose names are in italics make up the Strategic Committee, chaired by Padam

Individual members

Jérémy Adam, CEO and Founder
Dr Serge Ketoff, maxillo-facial surgeon and stomatologist, Hôpital Saint Joseph
Dr Ludovic Bénichou, maxillo-facial surgeon and stomatologist, Clinique du Louvre
Dr Stephan Gaillard, neurosurgeon, Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpétrière
Daniel Messler, pharmacist

Members legal entities

Padam SAS
Arbois Finance Invest (AFI)
Cap Bone
BD Holding

Management Committee

Jérémy Adam, CEO
Camille Bonnassieux, Regulatory Affairs and Quality Manager
Sandrine Chevallier, Head of Human Resources
Sylvie Delassus, Head of Communication and Marketing
Pierre-Marc François, Chief Technical Officier
Jonas Kosior, Production Manager
Antoine Szczypa, Business Manager

Jérémy Adam on stage at SNITEM congress
history and key dates for bone 3d

Our beliefs

Collaborators of BONE 3D
  • Respect

At BONE 3D, everyone has a place and a role to play. Our customers and suppliers are important partners to whom we listen.

BONE 3D team at the office in Paris 13
  • Openness

We believe in the richness of diversity and are always curious to share new approaches, cultures, or customs.

BONE 3D employee working on a 3D printer
  • Ethics

We treat all our partners and suppliers as we would like to be treated ourselves!

BONE 3D employee
  • Commitment

Our mission is meaningful. We are committed to putting our technical skills and ideas at the service of our customers, partners and colleagues.

Our expertise

Cutting-edge technologies

Our platforms are composed of the latest generation 3D printers offering a wide range of technologies to meet your needs in the best possible way.

imprimante formlabs en 3D

Interesting models to reproduce the bone level in a realistic way. This allowed the students to practice. These simulators really reproduce the reality of the patient.

Dr Davido

Dental Surgeon

Our expertise

A team of experts

Our research and development team is composed of engineers and doctors in biomechanics who are experts in 3D health modeling. They are trained to the specificity of our printers and can thus get the best out of them. Our production team is continuously trained on the new developments proposed by the printer manufacturers and our partnerships with them guarantee you access to the best technologies.


Wow effect: Bone 3D brings a real expertise! The team is composed of real experts, efficient, flexible and adaptable to any situation. Availability and benevolence guaranteed!

M. de Bazelaire

Director, Imagine Institute

Our expertise

Customised designs

Our products are co-designed with doctors and surgeons to perfectly meet the needs of practitioners. They can also be customized according to patient data or industrial constraints.


Bone 3D has contributed to the improvement of our service by allowing us to develop customized material for our patients. A real time saver on a daily basis!

F. Chagny

Occupational Therapist

Our expertise

Demanding quality criteria

Our regulatory team ensures compliance with applicable standards and the quality of our products and processes. Bone 3D obtained ISO 13485 certification in May 2022.


All our teams are regularly trained to respect the quality procedures applicable to medical devices.

J. Adam

President, Bone 3D