Our Story

During his studies at Arts et Métiers, Jérémy Adam discovered 3D printing applied to the medical field.

After working for several years on 3D modeling topics with surgeons, he made the following observation: they have good ideas but don’t always have the means to make them happen (resources, time, expertise..). The idea is then to use engineering techniques applied to medicine to materialize projects: in April 2018, BONE 3D was born!

Our values

  • Listening

We listen to your requests, with as much transparency as possible about the feasibility of ideas. We are honest about our offerings and expertise. The essence of Bone 3D lies in systematically listening to caregivers and responding to their needs.

  • Responsiveness

Responsiveness is part of our DNA. We do our best to be available and to respond to emergencies. Constraints unique to the medical field.

  • Motivated

We analyze every project proposal that comes our way and do everything we can to make it happen. Our trusted team is able to take initiative and carry your projects as far as possible because we don’t want to take the risk of letting a good idea go by. So by default our answer is ” yes we can do it “.

  • Commitment

We are committed to a mission with meaning! We are committed to putting our technical skills and ideas to good(n)cause.

Our expertise

Cutting-edge technologies

Our platforms are composed of last generation 3D printers that allow us to propose all possible technologies and to answer in the best way to your needs.


Interesting models to reproduce the bone level in a realistic way. This allowed the students to practice. These simulators really reproduce the reality of the patient.

Dr Davido

Dental surgeon

Our expertise

A team of experts

Our research and development team is composed of engineers and doctors in biomechanics who are experts in 3D health modeling. They are trained to the specificity of our printers and can thus make the most of them.


Wow effect: Bone 3D brings a real expertise! The team is composed of real experts, efficient, flexible and adaptable to any situation. Availability and benevolence guaranteed!

M. de Bazelaire

Director, Institut Imagine

Our expertise

Customized designs

Our products are co-designed with a team of physicians and surgeons to perfectly match the needs of practitioners. They can be completely customized according to patient data.


Bone 3D has contributed to the improvement of our service by allowing us to develop customized material for our patients. A real time saver on a daily basis!

F. Chagny

Occupational Therapist

Our expertise

Demanding quality criteria

Our regulatory team ensures compliance with current standards and the quality of our products and processes.


All our teams are regularly trained to respect the quality procedures applicable to medical devices.

J. Adam

Président, Bone 3D