A full range to train you in various acts

Our range of NASO-Train simulators has been developed in close collaboration with practitioners, based on the anatomical landmarks used in practice access to the nasal route.

We currently offer two types of standard templates (you also have the option of requesting custom templates from your specifications or patient data):

  • A simulator to practice nose and throat swabbing

Rhinopharyngeal (or nasopharyngeal) swabbing, if done improperly, can result in microinjuries and lead to falsified test results. This is why training in this medical procedure is essential.

“Testing for COVID-19 is a cornerstone of pandemic control. If conducted inappropriately, nasopharyngeal swab collection can be painful and preanalytical sample collection errors may lead to false negative results. Our objective was to develop a realistic and easily available synthetic simulator for nasopharyngeal swab collection.”1

  • A simulator to train for endonasal trans-sphenoidal endoscopic surgery and pituitary adenoma resection.

NASO-Train for nasopharyngeal swab training

Composition of the simulator

3D printing multi-material enables the reproduction of complex regions of the body while respecting its mechanical and anatomical properties. You will thus find the following:

Nasal cavities(including cones)
Soft palace
Facial skin
Mucous membranes

We propose a model for nasopharyngeal swabbing representing the essential elements to learn the gesture. You will be able to practice the insertion of a swab for nasopharyngeal swabbing.

NASO-Train for transsphenoidal surgery training

Composition of the simulator

For the Transsphenoidal Surgery simulator, NASO-Train consists of a cartridge that fits into a reusable simulation environment.

We offer three single-use cartridges associated with the holder for this endoscopic endonasal surgery simulator:

  • Micro-adenoma: the adenoma is located within the pituitary gland.
  • Macro-adenoma: the adenoma is located above and within the pituitary gland.
  • Craniopharyngioma

Each title block consists of the following anatomical elements:

Internal carotids
Optic nerve
Pituitary gland
Pituitary adenoma
Bone(Nasal cavity with septum and turbinates – Sphenoidal sinus)

List of procedures that can be performed with NASO-Train for transsphenoidal surgery:

Vidéo de l’acteNasal navigation
Vidéo de l’acteTurbinectomy and septal dislocation
Vidéo de l’acteSphenoidectomy
Vidéo de l’acteIncision of the pituitary gland
Vidéo de l’acteAdenoma resection
Vidéo de l’acteExploration of the resection cavity

Technical specifics of 3D surgery simulators

a complete and realistic range of simulators

Visualize internal and external anatomical structures

For a complete simulation

Practice a complex gesture

For better risk management

Practice on multi-material simulators

For close to real-world rendering.

Reuse your simulator as much as needed

For unlimited training.

For unlimited training.

You can use your simulator as often as you need to.

Start with an all-inclusive kit.

Your nasopharyngeal model comes with 2 swabs.

1Sananès N, Lodi M, Koch A, Lecointre L, Sananès A, Lefebvre N, Debry C. 3D-printed simulator for nasopharyngeal swab collection for COVID-19. Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol. 2021 Jul;278(7):2649-2651. doi: 10.1007/s00405-020-06454-1. Epub 2020 Nov 6. PMID: 33156390; PMCID: PMC7645909.