28 simulators
patient-specific BUCCO-Train

3+ years
collaborating with BONE 3D

10+ days
of training with 3D printing


Digismile accompanies the digital migration of dental practices and centers by offering innovative training. Digismile has been working with BONE 3D since the beginning on the realization of BUCCO-Train models for training in implantology.

Digismile, centre de formation en implantologie


Digismile wants to offer digital training to future dentists so that they master the new digital tools.


Digismile used BONE 3D to enable students to perform guided implant surgery with a 3D printed surgical guide derived from the patient data of the case they worked on that day.


BONE 3D participated in the creation of patient-specific mandibular/maxillary models from DICOM data. In the morning, learners watch a live surgery on a patient. In the afternoon, they replicate the procedure on a BONE 3D model designed from the same patient’s data and the surgical guides printed on site.

modèle BUCCO-Train, simulateur de chirurgie orale avec guide chirurgical
BUCCO-Train implantology model with surgical guide
Utilisation du modèle BUCCO-Train, simulateur de chirurgie orale
Using the BUCCO-Train model


This training allows the students to practice the design of the guide and its 3D printing. Then to use them directly in guided implantology on adapted simulators. These models have been very well received, and allow the training to stand out.

Thanks to BONE 3D, Digismile participates in the digital transition of dentists and positions itself as a pioneer in guided implant surgery training.

“The students are amazed that they can perform the same procedure on a 3D model that I perform on a patient in the morning. It’s as if they were operating on the same patient as me. It’s essential for their training.”

Olivier Boujenah, doctor of dental surgery and founder of Digismile
Olivier Boujenah, docteur en chirurgie dentaire et fondateur de Digismile

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Feedback from Olivier Boujenah, dental surgeon

Use of BUCCO-Train in implantology training