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The Reproductive Biology Laboratory – CECOS Paris Cochin performs all diagnostic procedures in spermiology. All MPA techniques are offered: intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization (IVF), micro-injection (ICSI), oocyte and embryo vitrification…

Reproductive Biology Laboratory - CECOS Paris Cochin


Laboratory equipment on the market is often expensive and out of stock. These situations are difficult to manage on a daily basis, especially for emergency cases. Not having the right equipment wastes a lot of time for the teams.


This department needed to manufacture small laboratory equipment that they could not find from the usual suppliers. Products that improve the daily functioning of the laboratory.


In the context of the 3D printing platform at Cochin, the BONE 3D team has collected the needs of the reproductive biology laboratory and has accompanied them in the development of parts now used routinely:

  • Specific racks for pipettes
  • Cups adapted to the sorting of oocytes (which were not available from the usual suppliers)
  • Cloches for handling oocytes in a controlled CO2 atmosphere
  • Everyday equipment for the secretariat such as iPad holders
  • Small equipment to ensure the safety of the technicians (e.g.: door opening system with the elbow)


The reproductive biology laboratory was able to acquire cheaper, customized products that were better adapted to the department’s equipment. The operation of the laboratory was optimized to the maximum because the team was supplied with material on time, with products that met their needs 100%.

“The 3D printing platform allowed us to make containers perfectly suited for sorting activities. We were able to design small, everyday materials that were very helpful.”

Eliane M., health executive of laboratoire de Biologie de la Reproduction – CECOS

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