1st training course
in French podiatry to be equipped with procedural simulators

100% of students
believe that simulators can improve their podiatry practices

Université Aix Marseille


The training in Pedicure Podology of Aix Marseille University (A.M.U) is the first training following a model of university training in France. The first class integrated the university in October 2020.


The context did not allow for the recruitment of enough patients for the students to train as they should. The teaching teams had to change their practices and provide the training with a realistic enough teaching aid so that the students felt they were training on real patients.


  • Secure the beginning of students’ learning by increasing their confidence.
  • Offer a professionalizing educational support to the acquisition of technical gestures specific to the profession of podiatrist.
  • Register the university of Aix Marseille as a reference training center, in advance on the techniques of simulation in podiatry.


BONE 3D has developed a realistic resin hallux model in terms of size and hardness. This model allows training in milling and cutting the nail. It also simulates the pathology of onychocryptosis.

Use of PODO-Train, podiatry simulator 3D printed
Use of PODO-Train


A.M.U has become the spearhead of the use of simulation in podiatry. The management now wishes to build more advanced simulation scenarios so that the simulator is no longer used as a response to a lack but as a teaching aid for teaching.

“Procedural simulation has become an essential tool for our training. It allowed students to immerse themselves in the real world, to reproduce situations, sometimes rare in reality.”

Patricia Griffon, Training Director
Patricia griffon, training director of Aix marseille university (AMU)

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