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PACT Implant is a theoretical, practical and clinical training program that offers personalized coaching in oral implantology. It has enabled eight classes of practitioners to integrate implantology into their practice.

PACT Implant and BONE 3D collaboration


PACT Implant was not satisfied with the use of animal parts for training. It was looking for simulation models that were more in line with reality. Additive manufacturing can meet this need for technological innovation.


  • Facilitate and diversify training using a unique working model at an affordable price.
  • Reproduce all the clinical situations necessary to learn implantology.


BONE 3D provides 38 customized maxillary models, declined from a catalog model for training in the placement of 6 implants. These multi-material models reproduce with great precision each anatomical part of the area of interest.

6-site implant model (flat view)
6-site implant model (flat view)
6-site implant model (anatomical position)
6-site implant model (anatomical position)


By customizing its training model, PACT Implant enhances the quality of its training and sets itself apart from the competition. The flexibility of 3D printing means that additional models can be produced at short notice if required.

“The quality of the training has been reinforced. The success of this project has made us want to co-design new multidisciplinary simulators with BONE 3D in a very realistic world.”

Jacques Attias, doctor of dental surgery
Jacques Attias, doctor of dental surgery

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