1 new offer
of distance learning created

1st trial
in France

100% of students
convinced by simulation


ESFORD is a center for professional training. It is a school of stomatherapy that has become the reference in this field. ESFORD offers a range of training courses in all the specificities of the health sector.


Stoma therapy training consists of practical exercises. The health crisis has forced ESFORD to adapt the courses to a distance learning format. BONE 3D was asked to help with the adaptation.


The continuation of the training without losing the quality of learning thanks to training on realistic reproductions.


BONE3D developed a model of stoma in silicone realistic in term of size and hardness. Present in a box sent to the students, this model allows the training to the realization of the care by the students within the framework of a precise scenario of simulation.

model of stoma in silicone on body diagram
Stoma model


The training has been maintained and the training on simulator has been fully appreciated by the students. ESFORD has decided to create a new training offer totally at distance, and can target a larger number of students.

“Using 3D stoma design and printing has been a complete success. It’s a great way to differenciate ourselves from other training offerings.”

Jacqueline Rosas, Director at ESFORD

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