A range of educational supports

Designed with podiatrists and engineers specialized in the medical field, our multimaterial 3D printed hallux models enable the acquisition of technical gestures specific to podiatry such as the milling of the nail and the resection of the nail spur.

Composition of PODO-Train range, codesigned with pedicure-podologists

PODO-Train is a range of 3D-printed procedural simulators, intended for initial training and continuing education in pedicure-podology. An efficient support to a pedagogical program, PODO-Train was developed in collaboration with a training organization. It thus offers students the most realistic simulation experience.

The range has a broad choice of training cartridges. It allows both the learning of the micromotor and the nail clippers, and the simulation of complex care situations.

Podiatry simulator 3D printed on articulated arm
Our product PODO-Train

The elements present in the models are the following:

  • A Hallux used as a support base
  • A removable nail cartridge to practise
  • An articulated arm

Simulators tailored to your needs

The wide variety of nail dystrophies and skin flexibility offers a panel of simulators suitable for every level of pedicure-podology experience:

We offer three levels of skin hardness for nail cartridges:
Soft: fragile but very accessible peri-ungual grooves
Firm: resistant but hard to access peri-ungual grooves
As well as different nail dystrophies for a greater variety of care scenarios: physiological, thick or long nail, plicated, trumpet or tile nail, onychosis…

Procedures that can be performed on the PODO-Train simulators:

  1. Milling of the nail plate
Watch the videoMilling of the nail plate
  1. Nail clipping
  1. Resection of nail spurs
Watch the videoResection of nail spurs

The PODO-Train simulators are primarily designed to support an educational program designed and developed in close collaboration between the training organisation and Bone3D, to offer students the best simulation experience possible.

Technical specifications of 3D printed PODO-Train simulators

a comprehensive and realistic range of simulators

Build custom models from your specifications or patient data.

Further customize your template.

Practice on multi-material simulators.

For a realistic feeling that respects the texture of each human body tissue.

Design multi-purpose simulators.

One simulator for multiple exercises.

Practice on an articulated stand.

For better ergonomics

We are always open to new therapeutic areas and are currently working on hyperkeratosis, corns and diabetic wounds. Contact us to design your next project together!

Discover our range of surgical simulators for different specialties.

PODO-Train use case

Photo, video, & article resources

Simulateur de chirurgie en podologie de face

Downloadable documents

Please download our technical sheet to learn more about PODO-Train!

Frequently asked questions

Why use PODO-Train for your pedicure-podology training?
  • Secure the learning of your students and increase their confidence during their interventions
  • Offer a professionalizing educational support to the acquisition of technical gestures specific to the profession of podiatry.
  • Register your training center as a reference center, offering innovative simulation techniques in podiatry.
Can I have an order delivered outside France?

Yes, it is possible to have an order delivered abroad. However, this may have an influence on the delivery time and price.

Is it possible to create a custom simulator?

Of course, you can share your ideas with us and opt for customized products based on your specifications or DICOM data.

What is the shipping time for simulators?

Generally our catalog simulators are shipped within 72 hours from receipt of the order validation.