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An emergency context:

The crisis as an innovation driving force

It is necessary to test on a large scale in order to segment the French population contaminated by the covid-19 virus and thus make the necessary arrangements to fulfil their care.


A need for precision…

…and accelerated training

Rhinopharyngeal swabbing, if done incorrectly, can cause micro-injuries and lead to distorted test results. This is why training in this medical gesture is essential.

Hyperrealistic design

Visualisation of internal and external anatomical structures.

Targeted training

Learning of the gesture on the target zone.

Faithful materials

Highly realistic representation thanks to biomimetic materials.

Reusable simulator

Reuse your simulator at will to train your teams.

See again

Demonstration of the simulator in actual situation


The particularity of this multi-material 3D printed simulator, which is developed by our biomedical engineers, is to offer a strong anatomical realism as well as a sensory feedback as close as possible to reality in order to be trained to this gesture in the best conditions and to avoid the risk to learn on a human being.

In two magnetized parts the simulator consists of :

  • the nasal cavities (including turbinates),
  • the nasopharynx,
  • the soft palate,
  • the face skin,
  • mucous membranes

The compact model is the same as the standard version, with the only difference that some anatomical elements (not indispensable for the realization of the gesture) have been removed to reduce the material cost in order to offer it at a more affordable price. As far as the materials and the 3D printing technology used are concerned, they are the same for both versions.

Download the useful documentation here.

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