First fundraising for BONE 3D

After just over a year in business, medtech startup BONE 3D completes its first round of funding of 1.4 million from Karot Capital, management and investors.

BONE 3D prints and designs surgical simulators, anatomical models and custom medical devices for plastic, maxillofacial and dental surgery.

For medical devices, the company is responding to a need for customized patient care to optimize their post-operative and surgical comfort. Specifically, the surgeon can upload medical images of his patient from scans and BONE 3D will work with him to create the optimal device for his patient.

For simulators and anatomical models, BONE 3D provides customized solutions to meet the need for training and presentation of surgeons on specific pathologies. BONE 3D’s primary objective in this sector is to reproduce body parts in the complexity of their anatomy and offer a real alternative to traditional surgical training solutions.

Based on a proprietary and patented technology, these developments are the result of the meeting of Jérémy Adam (PhD in biomechanics), Benoit Perrin (Engineer) and opinion leader surgeons. BONE 3D is accompanied and supported by the surgeons of the Necker Enfant Malades Hospital, among others, who bring their clinical credibility. This cooperation has already led to the co-patenting of a device with the AP-HP.

In 2019, BONE 3D has printed more than 100 different anatomical models and more than 40 Patient-specific devices. The goal is to produce 5 times more in the next 3 years and to open up to other surgical fields such as orthopedics. Personalization of treatment is a revolution in surgery that allows patients to be treated more effectively, both from a clinical and economic point of view. Personalization at the lowest cost is one of BONE 3D’s core values.

Jérémy Adam emphasizes that: “French hospitals have already placed their trust in us; this round of financing now reflects the confidence of investors in our project! This fundraising will allow us to develop even more efficient and accessible solutions for more pathologies. Our goal is to be present on all five continents by 2024.

BONE 3D offers innovative medical solutions: medical devices and surgical simulators fully customized to best serve the well-being and safety of patients while optimizing the comfort of surgeons who operate them. The credo of BONE 3D is the constant research of new projects always more innovative.

About Karot Capital: Karot Capital supports high-potential companies in their early stages of development. The vision carried by the entrepreneur, the innovation “at large” and the support of the teams are at the heart of Karot Capital’s project.