The Medical 3D printing expertise responding to your hospital's needs

From the qualification of the need to production, have an expert design office design and print medical devices, surgical simulators, anatomical models or maintenance parts at low cost.

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Discover the benefits of an in situ 3D printing platform

Medical innovation accessible without hindrance.

Internalise an R&D space

and production facilities and contribute to the development of innovative and unique medical solutions.

Benefit from dedicated expertise

a design office specialised in the medical field and composed of engineers and doctors in biomechanics.

Access to state-of-the-art technology

3D printing and materials with various characteristics (sensory realism, resistance, flexibility, etc.)


Personalisation and agility in the care pathway.

Access to a large catalogue

Validated designs, surgical simulators and anatomical models already produced.

Offer "patient specific" care

Give your healthcare staff the opportunity to make "patient specific" prints.

Improve the quality of the care pathway

Improve the quality of the patient care pathwa



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Other innovations to come

Bone3D is continuously evolving, and our R & D team is innovating every day for the well-being of your patients.