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Onychocryptosis care anatomical simulator, by BONE 3D

The Onychocryptosis care simulator (PODO-TRAIN range) is primarily intended for learning the resection procedure of the nail spur, it is also integrated in the practice and the wicking exercise in the periungual grooves, orthonyxies or onychoplasty.

The Onychocryptosis care simulator is a hallux – composed of a support base and a removable nail part. Multi-material 3D printing offers great realistic illustration in both anatomy and sensation. It can be accompanied by a simulation environment composed of an articulated arm that offers a better margin of maneuver and a better comfort during the exercise.

Three removable ungual parts are available : Plicated nail, Trumpet nail and Tile nail, all with bilateral Onychocryptosis pathology.

The anatomical realism of the simulator allows you to perform bilateral resection of the nail spurs the same way you do in the cabinet. You will be able to use a wide range of care tools.

It is also intended for the pedagogy of  Podiatry students and Podiatrists wishing to develop their expertise in nail diseases on the hallux area.

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