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Simulation of intracranial access, by BONE 3D

The NEURO-Train simulator is intended for intracranial access training. It is designed according to the anatomical landmarks used by neurosurgeons to perform a craniotomy and the placement of different types of devices.

The simulator consists of a reusable anatomical environment (head) and different operable parts.
Each multi-material removable part represents the different aspects of the area of interest :

  • Skin
  • Bone (cortical and diploe)
  • Dura matter
  • The cerebral parenchyma can also be represented

You can practice many exercises such as: the installation of intracranial pressure sensors or external ventricular drain (EVD) system etc …

Bonus? For ventricular punctures, the simulator can be coupled with patient data (provided by you), for an exercise using neuronavigation.

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