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To improve the preparation of a complex surgery, the 3D visualization of an anatomical area can be represented through a printed model with the different structures (tissue, bone, organs and muscle) composing the operated area. Depending on your needs, the anatomical models can be made of sterilizable resin to secure surgical planning during surgery in the operating room, while making it easier to use thanks to a comfort of use designed for you.

In certain pathologies, this also makes it possible to involve the patient in the treatment and understanding of the procedure to be performed. Having a concrete object facilitates the transmission of information making a conceptual explanation, often abstract for the patient, a tangible imitation facilitating the apprehension of his/her treatment.

Our patient-specific anatomical models are designed based on the patient’s medical imaging and in collaboration with the surgeon.

A custom-made tool to meet the most specific needs of any surgery.



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