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Designed for aesthetic or restorative rhinoplasty, C-Rhino is a « patient specific » made 3D printed nose splint with biocompatible resin in the long term.

The desired nose of the patient is virtually drawn in 3D from his medical imagery and according to the surgeon’s recommendations. Flexible up to 48h before the intervention, this planning allows us to design the splint and provide A3 documents displayable in the operating room, describing the surgical planning. 

After the surgery, the splint will conform the tissues by applying constant pressure on the nose. This pressure contributes to the evacuation of the edema and to the respect of the surgical planning, as well in terms of symmetry as of shape of nose.

This device is the subject of an international patent application.
C-Rhino is delivered between 24 and 48 hours after validation of the operating schedule.

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