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The nasal retainer adapted to the nose of children and adolescents by BONE 3D.

BB-Rhino is a biocompatible silicone made nasal retainer for rhinoplasty developed in collaboration with the “Necker Enfants Malades Hospital”, often consecutive to a cleft lip and palate. It is destined to be used to stabilize the tissues after a surgical intervention, as the rhinoplasty or the treatment of a cleft lip and palate, for example. The device is designed in different forms in order to adapt to our clients’ needs. It is available in 14 different sizes, in two colors (brown or transparent), two flexibility levels and three morphologies.

It can be equipped with a philtrum plate of support, which will allow a better control of the cicatricial zone thanks to pressotherapy.

This device is the subject of an international patent application.

Delivered 72 hours after the order (delivery possible in less than 24 hours in Ile de France)

* BB-Rhino can be « patient specific » designed 

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