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GI-Maxillo is a custom-made orthognatic repositioning gutter 3D printed in sterilizable biocompatible resin.

BONE 3D conducts a 3D virtually performed surgery based on the patient’s medical imagery, dental impressions (molding or optical impression) according to the surgeon’s treatment plan. BONE 3D also suggests a treatment plan subject to validation by the surgeon. The planning is flexible until 48 hours before the date of the operation, this will allow BONE 3D to have the time to design the gutters and provide documents, displayable A3 in the operating room, describing the surgical planning.

The custom-made gutters delivered to the hospitals or pharmacies are non-sterile. The latter shall organize the delivery of the sterile gutters to the operating room. With their 0.05mm precision, our gutters guarantee a faithful transcription of the movements planned during the surgical planning.

GI et GR-Maxillo gutters are delivered between 24 and 48 hours after validation of the operating schedule, in France, and from 3 to 5 days in Europe.

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