The first arrondissement’s Stratasys J750

The world’s most advanced multi-material 3D printer

Multi-material printing offers boundless possibilities for innovation in several fields of application, particularly in the medical sector.

The start-up BONE 3D is pleased to welcome in its premises, the first Stratasys J750 3D printer in the XIIIth district of Paris. This state-of-the-art machine is a purely innovative machine : thanks to its 6 printing nozzles, it offers the possibility to print in one go, an object mixing an infinite number of materials and colours. Applied to the medical field, 3D printing with standard processes (mono-material: resin or plastic) already allows the manufacture of custom-made devices adapted to the patient. Multi-material 3D printing allows products to be further refined to offer a level of personalization that has never been seen before.


BONE 3D will be able, for example, to develop its surgical simulator project. A single-use cartridge reproducing to perfection – thanks to various materials – the anatomy of a region of interest to allow surgeons to train on a support other than a cadaver or an animal.

The acquisition of this printer illustrates BONE 3D’s philosophy: to put the latest technological advances at the service of the patient. It also establishes itself as the Parisian leader in the field of medical 3D printing by being the only one to produce all its devices in its production workshop in the 13th arrondissement. BONE 3D therefore contributes to the scientific and entrepreneurial influence of the French capital city.


About BONE 3D : Created in April 2018 in Paris, BONE 3D is a start-up company created by surgeons and doctors in biomechanical engineering, convinced of the benefits of applying 3D printing to modern medicine, both human and veterinary. BONE 3D’s credo is the constant search for new and more innovative projects. BONE 3D offers innovative and fully customizable medical solutions to best serve the well-being of patients and the comfort of the surgeons who operate on them.

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