Public health: an effective training solution for generalized PCR testing?

Facing the gradual but no less worrying rising number of patients with covid-19, the decree of 24 July 2020 prescribing the general measures necessary to deal with the covid-19 epidemic confirms :
“that it is appropriate to authorise State-qualified nurses to take biological samples for this examination; that it is also appropriate to allow, under certain conditions, dental, maieutic and pharmacy students, health care assistants, as well as firemen and first-aid workers from approved civil protection associations with adequate first-aid training, to take biological samples for this examination”.

However, most of them have never carried out this test before. The answer to this public health problem lies in a generalised exercise on an adapted teaching tool, produced in France within a very short period of time.

A naso-pharyngeal epic

A 3D printed solution of worldwide use

The covid-19 virus crisis has raised many issues in the world of medicine. One of them is to test and segment the contaminated population in order to take the necessary measures for their care. To do this, we must carry out massive Covid test campaigns and request the help of many healthcare givers. Compared to other sampling techniques such as blood sampling or stool analysis, rhinopharyngeal sampling can detect the virus at an early stage of the disease and even in asymptomatic patients.

Furthermore, this technique is minimally invasive and has no side effects or contraindications. However, the chosen test has, until now, been rarely done by healthcare professionals within a wide range of specialties…

In addition, this technique is minimally invasive and has no side effects or contraindications.

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