BONE 3D has established in the Eurometropolis

BONE 3D ” im Elsass “, an implementation that looks like it’s back to its roots

An order book that is filling up at high speed, with premises available in Alsace, it doesn’t take much for Jérémy Adam, CEO of BONE 3D, and a child of the region, to decide to open a branch in the Holtzheim ZA.

Jérémy Adam & Jonas Kosior sur la nouvelle plateforme Strasbourg

Two Stratasys multi-material 3D printers : 1 J750 and a1J850 – representing an investment of about half a million euros – have just been installed in Wolfisheim, in the Holtzheim business park on Thursday, October 29th. These state-of-the-art machines should soon be surrounded by other printers of the same type to expand the production capacity of BONE 3D. If the main goal is to reinforce the production means that the young Parisian company has today, to meet a growing number of orders (in particular for nasopharyngeal sampling simulators for Covid tests), this new platform is also intended to offer a wide range of design, scanning, biomedical engineering and 3D printing services to the region’s healthcare institutions. Based on its experience in the creation and operation of 3D printing platforms in hospitals with the AP-HP (parisian hospital trust), BONE 3D imagines this new facility as an innovation laboratory intended primarily for healthcare institutions. The goal is to meet the needs of caregivers – with agile solutions for the entire hospital, from the prototyping of innovations to the implementation of validated devices.

A local industrial support which appears necessary today for the fight against the covid-19 virus. Let us recall that BONE 3D is the start-up that accompanied the implementation of 61 printers in the Cochin hospital within the AP-HP during the first containment in order to provide the caregivers with equipment and to make up for the disruption of supply of some hospital equipment. A local production platform that has since become indispensable to the Parisian hospital network.

Very dear to his heart, the Alsatian region saw the founder of BONE 3D grow up: from the Germain Muller elementary school in Wolfisheim, through the Fustel de Coulanges middle school in Strasbourg and then the agricultural high school in Obernai before long studies concluded with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, a Master 2 and a Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering at the Ecole Supérieure des Arts et Métiers de Paris. The local child is therefore very happy to rest his foot in his native Alsace to deploy new innovative industrial tools.

The project is supported by BioValley France and the Grand Est region who wish to encourage the industrialization of the territory. This establishment in Alsace has already created one job and will quickly create several others for the operational needs of the platform. BONE 3D is thus consolidating its national development before its international deployment, which will most probably start in Germany, given the advantages offered by this Alsatian site on the border market. This platform also gives it the means to make the latest innovations that 3D printing technology has to offer accessible to the greatest number of healthcare providers.

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